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Human Resources Supervisor (Automotive Engineering) (Germiston)

Forget the Philosopher's Stone, there's a different kind of magic brewing in Germiston, and our client, a manufacturer of heavy engineering supplies, needs you to conjure it! We're searching for a Human Resources Supervisor, not just a master of spreadsheets, but an alchemist who transforms people into the company's most valuable asset.

Ready to craft your masterpiece? Here's your canvas:
  • Brew the perfect workforce cocktail: From recruitment to payroll, training to EE plans, you'll mix the ingredients just right to ensure every employee thrives.
  • Transmute records into insights: Data your kryptonite? Not here! You'll wield Excel and Word like wands, weaving employee records into tapestries of knowledge that guide the company's success.
  • Forge BBBEE into a shining shield: Compliance isn't a chore, it's an opportunity to build a diverse, equitable workplace that shines brighter than any furnace.
  • Be the bridge between the company and beyond: Overseeing training and bursaries, you'll connect internal talent with external opportunities, crafting pathways for growth and development.
  • Become the MD's right-hand spellcaster: From daily tasks to strategic support, you'll be the Merlin to their Arthur, ensuring the kingdom runs smoothly.
What potions do you need in your toolkit?
  • HR tertiary education: Your foundation stone, strong and sturdy.
  • Excel and Word sorcery: Master the spells of data and documentation.
  • Communication charm: Speak the language of employees, managers, and everyone in between.
  • Organizational alchemy: Juggle tasks like a seasoned magician, never letting chaos brew.
  • Adaptability elixir: Change is your middle name, and you embrace it with a smile.
Bonus enchantments:
  • Experience in manufacturing: Speak the language of the forge and factory.
  • BBBEE expertise: Navigate compliance with the wisdom of a sage.
  • A dash of creativity: Think outside the spreadsheet, let your HR magic sparkle!
If you dream of building a thriving workforce, conjuring solutions from thin air, and making Germiston's HR the envy of the industrial realm, then step forward, HR Alchemist! Send your resume and prepare to unleash your magic!

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